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Our solution: Data Privacy 360

Information about data protection is everywhere. You know you have to take action, but you don’t have the time or energyto figure it all out by yourself. We provide you with exactly what you need to tick this topic off your mind. With Data Privacy 360, you will meet the legal requirements and the expectations of your customers.

Simple instead of complex

Using our solution is simple. You don't need a lawyer or any previous legal knowledge.

A perfect fit for online shops

Everything you need to operate your online shop securely and in compliance with data protection regulations.

Saves time, money and energy

Data protection flat rate: Don't bother searching thousands of places. Find everything from a single source with us.

Why we love our product

Because we’ve put our hearts, knowledge and experience into it. We live data privacy. We not only advise our customers every day in the area of e-commerce and law but we also have to meet the same requirements you do. And since there has been no sensible software solution on the market so far, we have developed one ourselves. Made according to our ideas and our expertise – not only smart, but also legally compliant. Now available for your business!

Our cloud solution runs on all systems and includes the following features:

Privacy Policy Generator

An essential requirement is the privacy policy. Create your legally compliant privacy policy for all your presences (whether online shop, eBay or Amazon, etc.) with just a few clicks. Thanks to our update service, you are always guaranteed up to date.

  • GDPR-compliant
  • Works for all your websites and webshops
  • Already used more than 500,000 times in Germany

Record of Processing Activities

A record of processing activities is mandatory as per the GDPR. Do youknow how to create one? Our pre-defined activities make your work easier. This means that you can create it in no time with just a few clicks.

  • Activate more than 100 pre-defined activities with a single click
  • Easily add your own activities in a standardized input mask
  • Stay informed, thanks to our update service

Data Protection Agreement template

You are required by law to conclude data processing agreements with certain service providers. Our template contract is easy to understand and gets you done quickly. Comments from our legal experts at the most important points make it easier for you to adapt them to your individual needs.

Handbook & Checklist

You will find answers to your daily business questions on data privacy in our handbook, available in PDF format. Should you ever lose track of things, simply take a look at our checklists, both for the implementation of data privacy requirements and in the event of a data breakdown.

Template replies to customers

Have you received a request for information on stored or processed data of a customer and need to react quickly? With our sample replies, you will always have the legally secure and appropriate answer at hand. Simply fill in the form and send it back to your customer. That's it.

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Data Privacy 360

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  • Privacy Policy Generator
  • Record of Processing Activities
  • Data Protection Agreement template
  • Handbook & Checklist
  • Template replies to customers
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    Data privacy 360 is so easy with the new online tool that our stockist has come to terms with it. The record of processing activities was created quickly and the data processing agreement was ready.

Do you have any further questions?

Below, you’ll find our most frequently asked questions. If you have any further questions, just give us a call at +44 203 364 5906 .

Do I really need a special privacy policy?

In general, you should create a completely new and GDPR-compliant privacy policy. You will also need individual privacy policies for each of your sales channels (Website, Amazon Marketplace, eBay, etc.). You can easily fulfill this legal obligation with our data privacy template.

Do I have to keep a record of processing activities?

There are exceptions here. However, the rule of thumb is: All e-commerce companies in the broadest sense must keep and maintain a processing directory since collecting personal data or processing of such data is required.

How does the update service work and why do I need a subscription for your product?

If there are legal changes or relevant court decisions in the area of data privacy that may also affect you, we will inform you by e-mail through our update service. This means that you no longer have to do your own research in order to remain on the safe side. In addition, we will update all pre-defined procedures in the GDPR Manager for you, so that your record of processing activities is always up to date in case of a check.

Which documents and templates are part of Data Privacy 360?

We are constantly expanding our range of documents, templates and manuals. Currently you receive: Template for Data Protection Agreements, Template replies to a) a request for information b) a refusal of information c) a request for data deletion d) a request for data deletion with retention periods e) negative information, a checklist for data breakdowns, GDPR-manual, GDPR-checklist. All documents are available in German, English and French.